Author: Seun Adeyemi

Living in the Tension of Prosperity

Do you feel wealthy? I am sure there are some reading this article who do, but my experience tells me that most people reading this article don’t feel wealthy. Perhaps that stems from living in a society that is so affluent that it has become hard to identify what it really means to be wealthy.

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Caring for a Critically Ill Child

Caring for a critically ill child is the most dreaded and difficult scenario for any parent. The Government of Canada provides Employment Insurance (EI) benefits for this circumstance. As with all of these programs, certain conditions must be met, and documentation and proof is required. The basic benefit is 55% of insurable earnings, with a weekly maximum payment of $537 for a maximum of 35 weeks.   What you Need to Know In order to qualify for these benefits the recipient must be away from work temporarily to provide care or support to a critically ill child. “Care or...

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4 Financial Steps to take to Prepare for a New Baby

Financial issues sometimes do not get enough attention, but this can be especially true in the case of preparing for a new baby. Preparing for a new baby is a fun, yet frantic time. There are a million things you need to think about and how your finances are going to change are one of them. Below are four steps you should take to make sure you and your family are financially ready for your new baby.   What You Need to Know  1)      Make a Will While many new parents don’t want to think about it, one of...

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Understanding the Difference Between a Mortgage Term and Amortization

If you’re a homebuyer in the real estate market this spring, it’s important to know your mortgage lingo. Two of the most basic and important terms to understand are a mortgage term and amortization. While the term and amortization of your mortgage can be the same, more often than not they’re different. Understanding the difference between the two means you could save yourself thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your mortgage and enjoy mortgage freedom years sooner.   Mortgage Term Your mortgage term is the period of time you’re guaranteed your contact mortgage rates and conditions...

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