Author: Seun Adeyemi

5 Money Moves to Make Before Your 30’s

It is easy to neglect your finances in your twenties but there are a few fantastic money-related opportunities that you could be missing.  Paying a little attention to your financial situation now can give you a serious head start on retirement and achieving a debt free life.  Here are 5 money moves everyone should make before they turn 30: Start an Emergency Fund   Setting money aside in case of an emergency is the foundation of a good financial plan. You never know when you may lose your job, have to take time off of work, or face a...

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Pay-down your Mortgage or Top-up your TFSA?

The question of reducing debt or contributing to savings will continue to be debated for as long as people plan to retire in Canada. Of course opting for both: reducing debt and increasing savings is the ideal. As for which is better, however, really depends on the individuals involved, their goals and feelings and their unique financial situations. If you find you just can’t decide whether to save or pay off, start by contributing to a TFSA; those deposits can easily be withdrawn and applied to your mortgage.   What you need to know Tax implications are not a...

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5 Ways to Help Your Home Sell for Top Dollar This Spring

Are you thinking of listing your home this spring? The spring real estate market is a popular time for home buyers and sellers alike to buy and sell. In the once red hot Toronto real estate market it used to be that almost any home would sell regardless of its curb appeal, but times have changed. With the Toronto real estate market going from a seller’s market to a more balanced market, home sellers need to do everything possible to ensure their home sells for top dollar. Here are five ways to help sellers get the most money on...

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5 Common RRSP Mistakes to Avoid

Tick, tock, tick, tock. The RRSP deadline of March 1st is fast approaching. Are you planning to take full advantage of your RRSP this year? The RRSP is the government’s way of encouraging us to save for retirement. While RRSPs have been around for decades, it seems like we’re still making the same mistakes. Let’s take a look at five common RSRSP mistakes to avoid this year. 1. Not Contributing Enough Are you planning to mostly rely on CPP and OAS in retirement? Then you could be in for a rude awakening. Unless you work in the public sector...

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