Author: Seun Adeyemi

Should I Go With a Fixed or Variable Rate Mortgage?

There are plenty of choices when it comes to purchasing a home: urban or suburban, condo or house, carpet or hardwood, just to name a few. Then there are the decisions about your mortgage; while most of us choose a ‘closed’ instead of  an’open’ mortgage, it’s not always clear whether it makes sense to go with a’ fixed’ or ‘variable’ rate mortgage. It all depends. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two mortgage types to see which one makes the most sense for you. Fixed Rate Mortgage A fixed rate mortgage offers you peace of mind....

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What Higher Interest Rates Mean for Borrowers and Savers

Like it or not, higher interest rates are here. In what was perhaps the most anticipated rate hike in history, the Bank of Canada hiked the overnight lending rate in July. The banks followed suit and hiked their prime rate. This rate hike was largely expected, but what wasn’t expected was September’s rate hike. Most economists were predicting an October rate hike. That changed when the latest GDP numbers came out. Our GDP grew at an annualized basis of 4.5 percent on strong consumer spending. That puts us at the top of the pack in terms of growth in...

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Saving on Back to School Without Derailing Your Financial Goals

Can you believe that summer is almost over? That can only mean one thing: back to school. While back to school is a great time to load up on school essentials for your son or daughter, if you’re not careful you can break the bank and end up paying for it for the months to come – literally. If you end up spending a small fortunate on back to school, it could delay – or worse, derail – your financial goals. You might have to wait longer to go on a family vacation, save towards your child’s education in...

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When and Why You Should Conduct an Insurance Audit

  As our lives grow and change with variable circumstances, new additions, and job transitions, our needs for insurance will also evolve. Additionally, economic fluctuations and external circumstances that influence your insurance policy will need frequent re-evaluation to ensure that you are making the most appropriate and financially favorable decisions. Perhaps you aren’t sure whether you should conduct an insurance audit or not. The following scenarios are usually a good indication that you should thoroughly assess and review your current policy contract: Bringing new life into your family? A new baby may not only prompt you to adjust your...

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